The Age of Cardi B

Happy #WCW to all the Bad Gyals on the page.

Ladies and gents, it is officially Cardi Season. Twerk something in celebration, Okurrrr!!! N.Y. forget Spring, Cardi B has arrived!! Eeeooooowww!!

So, let’s talk about Cardi B!!

Why she makes me hold my head my head high?

Her music causes me to celebrate myself. She causes me to remember my strength. She’s like sis that did it all and makes you know that if she could grind and force her dreams too come true, I can too. Ain’t nothing like twerking with the tongue out in celebration of yourself, thinking how proud you are of yourself, how grateful you are to be you, all the greatness you posses, and how much more leveling up you have in you, and all the good thing yet to unfold in your life. That’s what happens when “Get Up 10” comes on. Okurrrrr!!

How I think she is positively affecting Black Women?

Women in general all deal with specific stresses and burdens that are unique to the female experience. With that said I’m going to focus on my own experience and speak on it through my own lens as a Black Woman. For the ones in the back, please re-read the previous sentence.

As is evident by current events, we bear a lot of struggles specific to the black community. If life were perfect, simply the stress of worrying about our black men alone is stressful enough.

We are living in a day in which behavior modification is not enough to protect you from getting killed by the police. There is no protocol to follow that can guarantee you your life during a run in with an officer. As such we bare the weight of worrying for our men and the weight of protecting our sons. In times like these empowerment is necessary.

Music that brings out that Raw Gutter Hustle, that Beast Mode, is necessary. We need to remember our crowns and the impact a Queen is capable of. We are tasked with changing the trajectory for our men, our sons, and our community. We know that doing that means Financial Power. We have Money to Get, we have legacy to build, we got things to do.

There’s nothing better than repeating the lyrics speaking to the haters you already shut down or you about to shut down. I mean you got to have something to recite after you smash the goal and shut ish down! That’s what happens when “I Do” comes on.
Every #WCW I will be featuring a woman who makes me hold my head a little higher and how I think she is Positively affecting Black Women through her example.

**Please be advised. My views are my own. I do not speak for all women and I do not place my opinion above others. We are all unique individuals with unique points of view. I respect your right to your opinion.

*** If you are unable to express your views in an adult civilized manner, please feel free to unfollow, unsubscribe, all that. Adult Bouzins will not be tolerated.


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